How to keep your hair extensions looking healthy

brown hair extensions done by crown creations

When fitted by a professional, hair extensions can look amazing, you effectively get the hair of your dreams so you surely want to keep them looking their best right? There is lots of information available online some of which will be useful, other bits confusing.

All in all, aftercare is really important to keep your extensions and natural hair looking and feeling great, so we’ve outlined a few tips to keep your hair extensions healthy.

Brushing your extensions.

Don’t be too rough with the brush, take time to section out your hair and brush each section slowly. Try not to be tempted to pull at any tangles as you may pull at the bonds weakening them over time. You can use a specialist brush to do this but a wide-toothed brush will do the job equally as well

Be bed ready.

Make securing your hair extensions part of your bedtime routine, keeping your hair comfortably tied up will prevent tangles and excess rubbing. If you can invest in a silk pillowcase, do so, the smooth material prevents friction on the hair and as an added bonus can be great for your skin too.

Keep your hair extension maintenance appointments.

Maintenance sessions are recommended at least every 4 – 6 weeks and are probably one of the most important factors to keeping your hair healthy, your hair extension specialist will check all of your bonds and replace any that have worked loose, this not only keeps your extensions looking great but helps pre-empt any issues around the bonds themselves.

Separate your bonds every day.

As with tieing up your hair at bedtime, you will also need to adjust your morning routine to look after your extensions by separating your bonds carefully each day, this really just involves using your fingers to work your way past each bond and make sure they are sitting separately. This will not only keep tangles at the root at bay but will also make removal of the extensions easy when needed.

Mask Up

Use a weekly deep conditioning mask on your hair extensions if you can, an intensive treatment will help keep your locks looking fresh and moisturised. There are lots of masks available on the market, be sure to go for a natural option and oil-based treatments are often a better choice.

We hope some of these tips will help if you are thinking about getting hair extensions or even thinking about becoming a hair extension technician yourself.  As always if in doubt ask your hair extension specialist either at your initial consultation or during fitting, don’t be afraid to ask, any reputable technician will know the answer to all of your questions and should be happy to help every step of the way.

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