Advantages of brow threading

Going to get your eyebrows threaded soon? We go over everything you need to know about threading and what you can do to prepare.

Threading begins with a cotton thread, which is pulled along a short line of unwanted hair in a twisting motion to pluck the hairs at their follicles. It can be done by professionals at spas or salons or there are a number of at-home threading systems to choose from too. Watching a professional at work with the thread can look similar to an artist painting a canvas, with precision being so important. There are many different methods of threading but the biggest differences are how the cotton thread is held; it can be held by hand or mouth. For the mouth technique, the beauty professional holds one end of the thread in their mouth; it is sanitary because the thread never leaves the mouth during the procedure. Alternatively, for the hand method, the technician ties together the string’s ends into a circle and holds the knot in one hand while the other hand holds the other string’s other end.


There are many advantages of hair threading as a hair removal method, including: Fast – It’s a fast process, so if you are looking to minimise the amount of time you spend on your beauty routine then this may be the method for you. Threading is faster at hair removal than tweezing, which only removes one hair at a time. It only takes about five minutes to shape an eyebrow.


– Hairs removed can take up to six weeks to grow back. This is because the method plucks hair at the follicle level and it takes that long for them to grow back in. As well, even short, fine hairs that never seem to disappear, even after waxing or tweezing, get removed with threading for an ultra-clean look.


– You might go to a threaders if you have sensitive skin because it gentler than waxing or tweezing. If you find that waxing leaves your skin inflamed and red, you are not alone. It is gentler than waxing because the thread barely touches the skin; it only affects the hair follicle, whereas waxing may remove a layer of skin along with the hair and cause skin aggravation.


– Shaping of eyebrows by threading is highly precise. The method provides a clean plucking of hairs and the ability to make subtle changes to the brow shape. Hairs above and below the brow are targeted while the hairs within the brow stay lush and full. Threading also enables you precise work with all shapes and sizes of brows

Less Pain

– While pain tolerance differs from person to person, some people say that threading is less painful than waxing or tweezing. Other people say they experience mild discomfort, but it is worth it for the clean shape of the eyebrows that they get with threading. The pain level can also depend on the skill level of the technician. Everyone’s pain levels are different some experience no pain others experience more pain that waxing. Everyone is different.

Minimal Chemicals

– Threading uses few chemicals; it only requires products to cleanse or soothe the skin. The amount of products is significantly less than other hair removal methods that require applicators, strips, and more. Threading can be a perfect treatment for vegans.

Why threading is the best vegan-friendly form of facial hair removal.

Do you remember the last time you were able to buy a home waxing kit vegan friendly? The sad fact Unfortunately most home waxing kits are not cruelty-free. The waxing process also creates a lot of waste. Threading only needs cotton thread creating far less waste.

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